Energy Management Systems has many government clients.
3M window film for government applications. 3M window film for commercial applications. 3M window film for residential applications. 3M window film for automotive installations. Energy Management Systems installs 3M window tinting products. Window Film Industry Definitions. Contact EMS at 800-537-3911 or 410-882-0800 for a free estimate.
3M window films for government applications.

The Department of Treasury Annex
Washington, DC

“Twenty-First Century Citizenship is being fostered by building management specialists like Jackie McWain who, by replacing deteriorating and outdated solar security film on all 3,195 windows in the Frances Perkins Building, is helping the Department of Labor save energy and money for years to come.”

-Department of Labor

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3M window tinting for government installations.

3M Window Film Products can help government clients do all of the following:

Reduce heating and air-conditioning expenses
Increase tenant and resident comfort
Reduce fabric and furniture fade
Reduce glare
Bomb Blast Protection
Deter smash and grab crime
Create privacy for glass-walled rooms and offices
Reduce graffiti abatement expenses

3M window films are maintenance-free, vary in reflectivity (from no reflectivity to high reflectivity), and range in color (from clear to silver). 3M offers a window film to suit your various energy and / or security needs.

Government associates can work with satisfaction and confidence knowing that measures have been taken to increase their personal comfort from the sun and safety from a terrorist�s bomb.

Please visit our case studies to see how 3M window films have helped various clients meet their energy and safety objectives.


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