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During the late 1970s, shortly after the OPEC crisis and the ensuing gasoline rationing, energy conservation was a global concern that many people addressed. From small fuel-efficient imported automobiles to water saving showerheads, all existing uses of energy were challenged. Homeowners and office tenants alike began looking for ways to reduce wasted energy caused by windows. Selected by architects for their aesthetic qualities and the spatial feeling that they provide building occupants, windows have energy inefficiencies as heat transfers from areas of higher temperatures to areas of lower temperatures.

In 1978, Energy Management Systems was founded and incorporated in Baltimore, MD to offer a solution to this concern. Before operations began, EMS founders pledged to provide their clients with the best possible results and an uncompromised level of customer service. To do that, the founders realized that they would need to partner with an innovative manufacturer whose commitment to product performance was as strong as their commitment to client satisfaction. Consequently, EMS became a 3M-authorized Dealer / Applicator of 3M window films.

As America's energy outlook became more optimistic in the 1980s, EMS began installing 3M's security window films - products designed to hold glass shards in place in the event of a nearby explosion or terrorist attack. These films also offer many of the energy benefits associated with traditional solar films.

Today, EMS remains in the window tinting industry through its sister company, Energy Products Distribution, a 3M-Authorized Distributor of 3M Window Film Products.

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